♥ Sunday School is a thrilling place for families to grow in grace and in knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. A balanced age-appropriate program of Bible Series Lessons, prayer, and game/activity time, promote spiritual enrichment and growth for each child.

Our teachers are men and women who lovingly teach biblical principles by godly example. The emphasis of this ministry is to assure that each child hears a clear Gospel presentation and receives Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at an early age. These early maturing years provide a solid foundation upon which Christian character, dedicated service, and a lifelong pursuit of biblical truth are built.

Our Adult class for ages 19 and up.  We have lessons that all can enjoy and understand.

Beginners Sunday School Class (Ages 4 & 5 Yrs.)

This class is filled with fun, laughter and great time.  Bible Stories are brought to life and the children enjoy the songs and crafts.  

Primary Boys Sunday School Class  (Ages 6-8 Yrs)

  After the Bible Lesson we encourage each young man to focus on their prayer life.

 Prayer is the start and finish of each Sunday class time.

Primary Girls Sunday School Class  (Ages 6-8 Yrs)

These girls are at an ideal age to learn Scriptural truths through the stories of the Bible.  

We have a fresh and exciting Bible lesson every week as well as memory verses and singing. 

Jr. Girls Sunday School Class  (Ages 9-11 Yrs)

  We try to teach focusing their lives on the importance

of living for the Lord  and not letting the world dictate who or what they should become.  

Our prayer for the girls that they remember that living for the Lord and serving Him

above any and all is more important than anything that this world can offer them. 

Jr. Boys Sunday School Class  (Ages 9-11 Yrs)

These boys still enjoy learning Bible truths from God’s Word and are ready for practical application of the truths that they hear. 

Teen Sunday School Class (Ages 12-18)

This class is where we prepare the teens to rely on the teachings from God's Word. We have many activities for our teens.

Take a look at the teen page.